The first time I drank alcohol, I felt it pulse and burn through my veins; and I thought nothing could ever be hotter than this- until I met you. You took me in your arms like the swift wind, and we blossomed and burned like a raging fire. 

I liked alcohol, honestly. It made me feel alive, I felt the fire burn in me; the most alive I’ve felt in years, actually. It helped me see colours, in vibrant hues that contrasted so greatly to my boring everyday black, white and grey life. But alcohol was bad for me, like you were- but I loved how it made me feel, how could I let it go? How could I let you go? 

You were bad for me, I think I knew it from the start. I think I knew that you wouldn’t change for me, I think I knew. But like fire, we burned so brightly, and eventually we burned out. I think I knew we wouldn’t have worked out, but I tried anyway. I think I knew it all, I actually think I knew.


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